Example of Yellow Green algae (Xanthophyceae)

These are yellow green algae which contain chlorophyll ‘a’ and chlorophyll ‘e’ or ‘c’. Besides chlorophylls they possess xanthophylls and beta carotene. The class xanthophyceae is divided into four orders: Heterochloridales, Heterococcidales, Heterotrichales and Heterosiphonales.
Example of Yellow Green algae

1.  Heterochloridales
    Examples: Heterochloris, Misclococcus, Chlorogloea
2. Heterococcidales
    Examples: Halosphaera, Chlorothecium, Chlorobotrys
3. Heterotrichales
    Examples: Tribonema, Heterodendron
4. Heterosiphonales
    Examples: Botrydium, Vaucheria

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