These are yellow green algae which contain chlorophyll ‘a’ and chlorophyll ‘e’ or ‘c’. Besides chlorophylls they possess xanthophylls and beta carotene. The class xanthophyceae is divided into four orders: Heterochloridales, Heterococcidales, Heterotrichales and Heterosiphonales.
Example of Yellow Green algae

1.  Heterochloridales
    Examples: Heterochloris, Misclococcus, Chlorogloea
2. Heterococcidales
    Examples: Halosphaera, Chlorothecium, Chlorobotrys
3. Heterotrichales
    Examples: Tribonema, Heterodendron
4. Heterosiphonales
    Examples: Botrydium, Vaucheria
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