There are about 1500 species enlisted in phaeophyceae. The members of Phaeophyceae are popularly called brown algae. The brown colour of this group of algae is due to the possession of a pigment called fucoxanthin. Fritsch (1945) divided the whole brown algae in to 9 orders: Ectocarpales, Tilopteridales, Cutleriales, Sporochnales, Desmarestiales, Laminariales, Sphacelariales, Dicotyotales and Fucales.
Example of Brown algae (Phaeophyceae)
Example of Class Phaeophyceae (Brown Algae)
1.  Ectocarpales
       Examples: Ectocarpus, Punctaria, Iyengaria, Holothrix
     Example: Tilopteris
3. Cutleriales
     Example: Cutleria
4. Sporochnales
     Example: Sporochnus
5. Desmarestiales
     Example: Desmarestia
6. Laminariales
     Examples: Alaria, Chorda, Macrocystis, Laminaria
7. Sphacelariales
     Examples: Sphacelaria, Halopteris
8. Dicotyotales
     Examples:  Dicotyota, Hormosira, Ascoseria, Cystophora
9. Fucales
     Examples: Sargassum, Fucus
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