The rhodophyceae is called red algae, as it imparts often  a red colour to the thallus.
There are about 400 genera and 4000 species of red algae. These algae contain pigments like phycoerythrin, phycocyanin,  chlorophyll a and d, beta carotene etc. They are predominantly marine, though fresh water types are also available.
Example of Red algae Example of Red algae (Rhodophyceae)
1. Bangiales
     Examples: Bangia, Porphyra
     Examples: Lemanea, Thorea, Chaetangium, Neccaria
      Examples: Gelidium
4. Cryptonemiales
      Examples: Gloeopeltis, Aedos, Ethelia, Corallina
      Examples: Platoma, Hypnea, Gracilaria, Rhabdonia
6. Rhodymeniales
      Examples: Champia, Rhodymenia
     Examples: Ceramium, Sarcomenia, Chondria, Amansia
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