10 Example of Direct and Indirect speech - Easy English Lessons
i) John said, ‘I want to become a lawyer.’(Direct Speech)
John said that he wanted to become a lawyer. (Indirect speech)

ii) The girl said, ‘I like sweets.’ (Direct Speech)
The girl said that she liked sweets. (Indirect speech)

iii) She said, ‘ I am buying a new car.’ (Direct Speech)
She said that she was buying a new car. . (Indirect speech)

iv) He said, ‘I have read this story.’ (Direct Speech)
He said that he had read that story. (Indirect speech)

v) She said, ‘I bought a house in London’. (Direct Speech)
She said she had bought a house in London. (Indirect speech)

vi) He Said, ‘Aamir Khan was swimming in the pool’. (Direct Speech)
He said that Aamir Khan had been swimming in the pool. (Indirect speech)

vii) Teacher said to the girls, ‘If you do your best you will surely pass.' (Direct Speech)
The teacher told the girls that if they did their best they would surely pass. (Indirect speech)

viii)She said to me, ‘You alone can save her.’ (Direct Speech)
She told me that I alone could save her. (Indirect speech)

ix) Jerry said, ‘Mother, I am hungry.’ (Direct Speech)
Jerry told his mother that he was hungry. (Indirect speech)

x) He said, ‘There was a big fire here last night.’ (Direct Speech)
He said that there had been a big fire there the previous night. (Indirect speech)
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