i) Assertive sentence or declarative sentence: A sentence that makes a staement or decalration is called an assertive sentence or declarative sentence. A sentence which gives a positive or affirmative sense is called affirmative sentence and which gives a negative meaning is called negative sentence.

Example of Assertive Sentence:
  • Mathews went to Australia.
  • I have won the prize mone(Affirmative or Positive )
  • I was not sure that it was you (Negative sentence)

ii) Imperative Sentence: A sentence that expresses a commad or order, a request, advice or a wish is called imperative sentence.

Examples of Imperative Sentence:
  • May God bless you and your family.
  • Brush your teeth
  • Akhil, go to school
Types of Sentences- Examples of Assertive or Declarative Sentence -Imperative Sentence- Interrogative Sentence -Exclamatory Sentence

iii)Interrogative Sentence: Sentences in the form of questions are called Interrogative sentences. 

Examples of Interrogative Sentence

  • Where are you going?(Questions  word questions)
  • What is she doing? (Questions  word questions)
  • Why do you ask me to go there?
  • How old are you?
  • Can the dog swim? (Yes/no Type questions)

iv)Exclamatory Sentence: A sentence that expresse strong feeling such as wonder, joy, sorrow, anger etc, is called an exclamatory sentence. 

Examples of Exclamatory Sentence:
  • How clever he is !
  • How fantastic the scene is !

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