25 Examples of Active and Passive Voice | Easy English Lessons

Active Voice

Passive Voice

Simple Present
 (Object +is/am/are + PPV + by + agent)

He writes novels

Novels are written by him.

Present Continuous
 (Object + is/am/are +being +PPV +by +Agent)

He is writing a novel

A novel is being written by him

Present Perfect
 (Object + have/has +been +PPV +by +Agent)

He has written a novel

A novel has been written by him

Simple Past
(Object + was/were +be +PPV +by +Agent)

He wrote a novel

A novel was written by him.

Past Continuous
(Object + was/were +being +PPV +by +Agent)

He was writing a novel

A novel was being written by him

Past Perfect

(Object + had +been +PPV +by +Agent)

He had written a novel

A novel had been written by him.

Simple Future

(Object + Modal auxiliary +be +PPV +by +Agent)

He will write a novel.

A novel will be written by him.

Future Perfect

(Object + Modal auxiliary +have +been +PPV +by +Agent)

He will have written a novel

A novel will have been written by him

Examples of Active and Passive Voice

1. This shop sells non -fiction books

Non- fiction books are sold in this shop.

2. They have built a bridge

A bridge has been built by them

3. Sachin plays cricket

Cricket is played by Sachin

4. The people are annoyed by the noise

The noise annoys the people

5.Do the hounds kill the fox?

Is the fox killed by the hounds?

6. Is French spoken by her?

Does she speak French?

7. He is writing a story

A story is being written by him.

8. Letters are being written by him

He is writing letters.

9. He has drawn two pictures

Two pictures have been drawn by him.

10. Has she answered the question?

Have the questions been answered by her?

11. Brutus stabbed Caesar.

Caesar was stabbed by Brutus.

12. We were enchanted by him.

He enchanted us.

13. Did they complete the work?

Was the work completed by them?

14. The editor was editing an imported news

An important news was being edited by the editor.

15. Had the thieves stolen anything?

Had anything been stolen by the thieves?

16. They will discuss the matter soon.

The matter will be discussed soon by them.

17. Mr. Shah will be invited

I will invite Mr. Shah

18. Students should obey the rules of the school

The rules of the school should be obeyed.

19. When did they buy the car.

When was the car bought?

20. Who wrote the answer?

By whom the answer was written?

21. Don’t disturb the patient

Let not the patient be disturbed.

22. let them build a hospital here

Let a hospital be built here by them.

23. Punish him

Let him be punished.

24. Let this letter be posted.

Post this letter.

25. People speak English all over the world

English is spoken all over the world.

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