·   Ammu has spent her entires in Culcutta.

·       Butter is made from milk.
·       Chair is made of wood.
·       Do not laugh at the poor.
·       Do you believe in destiny?
·       Don’t put your feet on the table.
·       Dora works in an office.
·       He depends on his pen for a living.
·       He died from over eating.
·       He died of Cancer.

·       He goes to church on his bike.
·       He got married at 37
·       He has no friends besides me.
·       He is a manager in a private firm.
·       He is desirous of visiting Delhi.
·       He is on the phone right now
·       He paid for the book by credit card.
·       He pointed at the tree
·       He seized upon the opportunity offered to him.
·       He set out at six o’clock.
·       He stopped at the shop on the way home.
·       He was standing by her.
·       He works in the Transport department.
·       I have lived here for Five years
·       I haven’t seen her for the last thirty years.
·       I like to stay in the town.
·       I met him at my uncles home.
·       I prefer coffee to tea.
·       I save money by never smoking.
·       I sent the books by post.
·       I was going through the documents last evening.
·       I woke up twice in the night.
·       In December 2004, there were many natural calamities.
·       In the dark I bumped against a chair.
·       It is 2 o’clock by my watch.
·       Jana reached there at 8o’clock.
·       Lata has trouble with remembering people’s name.
·       Mani is fond of sweets.
·       Manoj is writing an essay on the new economic policy.
·       Milk is a good to drink.
·       Monkeys live in trees.
·       My daughter was rejoiced at hearing.
·       My father was angry with my behavior.
·       My house is beside the river.
·       Never try to rely on foolish people.
·       Nobody should be deprived of opportunities to come up in life.
·       On a foreign trip we have to adapt to the changed climatic conditions.
·       Price starts at Rs.500.
·       Roshan has been watching TV for 2 hours.
·       Sachin is a great player among the world Cricket players.
·       Sam is very good at mathematics.
·       She accused me of poisoning her dog.
·       She goes to school on foot.
·       She had a weeks holiday at Christmas.
·       She is wanted half an hour at the corner of the street.
·       She sits in an arm chair.
·       She was always dressed in red.
·       She was angry with him.
·       She will have completed the work in an hour.
·       The boy jumped into the pond to take the ball.
·       The building is on fire.
·       The cat ran from her and disappeared over the hill.
·       The cow is grazing on the farm.
·       The doctor advised him to abstain from drinking.
·       The interview will be held between 10 and 1 pm.
·       The man jumped into the pond.
·       The Manger asked Reghu wait outside the room. So he has to be out of the room but he must not move far from it.
·       The old man shared his property between his wife, his son and his sister.
·       The old man was overwhelmed with grief at his son’s death.
·       The pen you are looking for is here.
·       The speaker drew the attention of the audience to the burning issues.
·       The Sun shines by its own light.
·       The teacher is popular with his students.
·       The teacher was furious with me for being careless in the class.
·       The train is on time.
·       The two brothers shared the apple between themselves.
·       The whole village appeared beautiful at dawn.
·       They had a chat over a cup of tea.
·       They hit me on my shoulder.
·       They reached here in my car.
·       We agree on most things.
·       We are going to see my parents on the weekend.
·       We are planning a trekking trip to Munnar during our vacation.
·       We celebrate Independence Day on 15th August.
·       We live in Canada from 2000 to 2015.
·       We often go fishing along the river bank.
·       We promise to help you.
·       We reached Syndey at midnight.
·       We travelled by car.
·       What are you thinking of?
·       What is the time by your watch.
·       Which are the places to visit in Italy?
·       You must attend to his instructions.

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