1. Abide by-Respect or obey
  2. Agree with – Have the same opinion as somebody else
  3. Bear out- To confirm , support
  4. Break down- Lose control
  5. Break in – To forcefully enter
  6. Break through-An act of over coming an obstacle
  7. Bring down-Reduce
  8. Bring out-reveal
  9. Bring up-carry/convey
  10. Call at- visit a place
  11. Call by- To visit briefly
  12. Call for-demand
  13. Call off-cancel something
  14. Call on- visit a person
  15. Call out-to summon or order
  16. Call upon- announce
  17. Call up-recollect
  18. Come across- To find or meet by chance
  19. Come at- to attack/ to obtain
  20. Come off-To happen
  21. Deal in – Something to buy and sell
  22. Deal with –Handle, take care of
  23. Do away with –Abolish
  24. Drop in- Visit, usually on the way somewhere
  25. Drop off- Fall asleep, to become less
  26. Fall apart- Break
  27. Fall away- Desert
  28. Fall back- Retreat
  29. Fall down- To fail
  30. Fall in - Collapse
  31. Fall off–To become smaller or less
  32. Get about- Travel or spread
  33. Get along- make progress
  34. Get around- overcome
  35. Get away- escape
  36. Get off-escape
  37. Get on- keep going
  38. Get over- Recover from
  39. Get over- recover from/overcome
  40. Get through- pass
  41. Give away- To make a gift of
  42. Give in- Yield
  43. Give out- Announce
  44. Give up-Abandon
  45. Go at- attack
  46. Go for- choose/seek/attack
  47. Go into- investigate
  48. Go off-explode
  49. Go on-continue
  50. Go over- to review or analyse
  51. Go through-examine
  52. Go with- match
  53. Hold out- Resist
  54. Keep away- Abstain from
  55. Keep back- Conceal,hide
  56. Keep up- Maintain
  57. Knock off-Stop working
  58. Knock out-Defeat, destroy
  59. Look after- to take care of
  60. Look for-seek something
  61. Look forward-except or hope for
  62. Look in – To pay a brief visit, casual visit
  63. Look out- be wanted be careful
  64. Look up- search for/ to consider
  65. Looked down on –watch with dislike
  66. Make over- A transformation in appearance
  67. Make shift- to understand
  68. Make up for-to compensate for something
  69. Pass off- Take place
  70. Put across- to communicate
  71. Put an end to-stop
  72. Put by-to save an amount
  73. Put down- write/suppress
  74. Put forward-to make a suggestion
  75. Put in- Do
  76. Put off- Postpone
  77. Put on- wear
  78. Put out-extinguish
  79. Put up at- Acoomadadate
  80. Put up- stay/raise
  81. Put up with-tolerate
  82. Rely on –Depend on, trust
  83. Run across- To come upon by accident
  84. Run after- Chase
  85. Run through- To use, examine
  86. Set aside- Resrved
  87. Take after- resemble a parent or relative
  88. Take care of – Look after
  89. Take down- Write down
  90. Take for –To be mistaken somrthing for
  91. Take in –to  deceive
  92. Take it- to endure
  93. Take off- to remove something / to leave  the ground and begin to fly
  94. Take on- to undertake/ allow passengers
  95. Take over-take control of
  96. Take up- consider
  97. Taken aback-surprised
  98. Turn down- reject
  99. Turn up- Arrive
  100. Wipe out –Destroy or remove somebody or something completely

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