125 + Idioms and Phrases for SSC psc Exam  Examples of idioms and their meaning
  1.  A baker’s dozen- thirteen
  2. A big bug- A person of importance
  3. A bitter pill to swallow- something that is very unpleasant but which must be accepted
  4. A bolt from the blue- Something unexpected
  5. A cock and bull theory- A story that cannot be believed
  6. A dark horse- a person whose abilities are hidden or unknown
  7. A fish out of water- to be in an uncomfortable position
  8. A pretty kettle of fish- a situation that cause you problems
  9. A white elephant- a useless one
  10. A whole bag of tricks - Means trying all the clever means to achieve something.
  11. A wild goose chase- a foolish and unprofitable attempt
  12. Achille’s heel- Weakness
  13. All in one piece- safely
  14. Always makes castle in the air- often dreams of things impossible to happen
  15. Apple discord- Something which causes quarrel
  16. At once- suddenly
  17. At the drop of a hat-instantly
  18. At your beck and call- under someone’s absolute control
  19. Backroom boys -People who perform important work but have no contact with the public.
  20. Be in the red- making a financial loss
  21. Beat about the bush- speak in around about way
  22. Bee in one's bonnet -Carrying an idea that constantly occupies your thoughts.
  23. Black and white- in written form
  24. Black sheep- A disreputable member of a family or group
  25. Blood, sweat and tears -Something that requires a lot of effort and hard work.
  26. Buckle down -Doing some hard work with determination and full attention.
  27. Carry the torch for -Having strong feelings for someone who cannot be yours.
  28. Chase your tail- Spending a lot of time and energy doing a lot of things but actually achieving too little.
  29. Chicken hearted- fearfully
  30. Close to home -A comment which is true and makes you uncomfortable is close to home.
  31. Cork up something -Failing to express your emotions.
  32. Cost the earth- is very costly
  33. Cream of the crop- best of any group
  34. Crocodile tear- tears of sorrow that are insincere
  35. Cut to the quick -Hurting someone deeply or offending them.
  36. Deadwood -People or things that are no longer useful or necessary.
  37. Deliver the goods -Do what is expected or promised.
  38. Die hard- Strongly or financially determined or devoted
  39. Dog eat dog- competitive for profit
  40. Dog’s life- a miserable life
  41. Down in the mouth- unhappy
  42. Dutch Courage- False courage acquired by drinking liquor
  43. Eat, sleep and breathe something -Being so enthusiastic and passionate about something that you think about it all the time.
  44. Explore all avenues-Trying out every possibility to get a result.
  45. Fan the flames - to make a dangerous or unpleasant mood or situation worse
  46. Fanning the flame- to intensity the issue
  47. Fast track something - Rating something higher on your priority list to achieve the desired result.
  48. Faux pas- social blunder
  49. Fever pitch -When a feeling is very intense and exciting, it is said to be at a fever pitch.
  50. Fine tooth comb -Examining something carefully to not miss out on any details.
  51. First out of the gate -Being the first one to make a start at something.
  52. Fish out of water -Feeling uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.
  53. Fling yourself into -Doing something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
  54. Forty winks- a short sleep
  55. From hand to mouth- without any provision for the future
  56. Get a grip on yourself -Controlling your feelings to deal with a situation.
  57. Get ducks in a row -Getting your things well organized.
  58. Get the axe -Lose the job.
  59. Get the show on the road -Putting up a plan or idea into action.
  60. Gets on my nerves- irritates me
  61. Go to the dogs- be ruined
  62. Going Places -Exhibiting talent and ability that will lead to a successful future.
  63. Golden handshake -A big sum of money given to a person when they leave a company or retire. 
  64. Hand and glove- Very friendly
  65. Hang on by fingernails -Continuing to do something in a very difficult situation.
  66. Have a bone to pick with somebody- have a reason to quarrel with somebody
  67. Have an axle to grind- to have a strong opinion about something
  68. Have on the brain -Thinking or talking about it all day long.
  69. Have one's heart set on -Possessing a determination to obtain something.
  70. Head over heels- Excited
  71. Hear it on the grapevine- spread rumours
  72. High handed- arrogantly
  73. Hot under collar- angry
  74. In a nut-shell-in fewest words possible
  75. In high spirits- cheerful
  76. It’s raining cats and dogs- it’s raining heavily
  77. Ivory tower- place out of touch with reality
  78. Keep an eye on -watch
  79. Keep the wolf from the door- to escape from poverty
  80. Keep your fingers on the pulse -Being constantly aware of the most recent developments.
  81. Kick the bucket- to die
  82. Let the cat out of the bag- tell a secret by mistake / Reveal
  83. Make headway -Progress in what you are trying to achieve.
  84. Mean business -Being serious about what you announce.
  85. Mother wit- natural common sense
  86. Not let grass grow under feet -Don't delay in getting something done.
  87. On the cards-probable
  88. Once in a blue moon- very rarely
  89. Par excellence- above all
  90. Parish pumps- local politics
  91. Plum job -A desirable position that is well paid and considered relatively easy.
  92. Pros and Cons- Favorable and unfavorable factors
  93. Pull out all the stops -Doing everything you can to make something successful.
  94. Punch above one's weight-Performing beyond your ability.
  95. Quaking in its boots- to treamble with fear or nervousness
  96. Raring to go -Being very eager and enthusiastic about the idea of doing something.
  97. Rides the high horse- feel proud
  98. Run -of-the mill- ordinary
  99. Sail through something -Being successful in doing something without difficulty.
  100. Separate sheep from goats -Examining a group of people and deciding their suitability
  101. Shape up or ship out -This expression is used to warn someone that if they do not improve their ways, they will have to leave their job.
  102. Sink your teeth into -Doing something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
  103. Sixes and Sevens- confused
  104. Stand one's ground -Maintaining your position.
  105. Storm in the tea cup-big fuss over trivial matter
  106. Swan song- the last public performance of an artist or athlete
  107. Thick and thin – Under all conditions
  108. Think on your feet -Adjusting quickly to changes and making fast decisions.
  109. To be in a hot soup- to get into trouble
  110. To blaze a trail- to initiate work
  111. To cook somebody’s goose- ensure that somebody fails
  112. To drive home -to emphasize
  113. To fly off the handle- to lose one’s temper
  114. To get a windfall- to get an unexpected fortune
  115. To pick holes – To critize someone
  116. To show the white feather- to show signs to cowardice
  117. To shrug one’s shoulders- to show disapproval
  118. Tooth and Nail-with all our power
  119. Tricks of the trade-Clever or expert way of doing something.
  120. Turned a deaf ear- did not pay attention / Disregarded
  121. Waiting in the wings -Waiting for an opportunity to take action, mostly to replace someone else in their job.
  122. Weal and woe- joy and sorrow
  123. Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve- show one’s feeling openly
  124. With bells on -When you are delighted and eager to go somewhere, you are said to go with bells on.
  125. Wool gathering- day dreaming
  126. Work like a charm -Works very well or has the desired effect.
  127. Xerox subsidy - Using the office photocopier for personal use.

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