Example of Simple Future - Future Continuous- Future Perfect- Future Perfect Continuous Tenses
Simple Future:
1. I shall go to Switzerland next month
2. I shall write a letter
3. We will know our exam results in May.
Future Continuous
1. At this time tomorrow, I shall be watching the film
2. At this time tomorrow, I will be sitting on the beach in Singapore.
Future Perfect
1. I will have achieved a government job by 2020
2. She will have finished her homework by the time you reach back.
Future Perfect continuous
1. Babu will have been editing this magazine for twenty-five years by next January.
2. By the next issue, I shall have been reading ‘Vijayarekha’ for one year.
3. By the next June, I shall have been studying at Target Academy for six months.
4. By the summer of 2022, we shall have been living in this house for twelve years
5. I shall have been teaching for 15 years by the next January.
6. Mathews will have been acting in films for Sixty years before the end of this year.
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