List of Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verbs                                                          
Put off- Postpone
Put up- stay/raise
Put on- wear
Put out-extinguish
Put down- write/suppress
Put by-to save an amount
Put forward-to make a suggestion
Put across- to communicate
Put up with-tolerate
Put an end to-stop
Break in – To forcefully enter
Break through-An act of over coming an obstacle

Call at- visit a place
Call on- visit a person
Call up-recollect
Call off-cancel something
Call for-demand
Call out-to summon or order
Call upon- announce

Get through- pass
Get over- recover from/overcome
Get off-escape
Get along- make progress
Get on- keep going
Get away- escape
Get around- overcome
Go on-continue
Go at- attack
Go with- match
Go for- choose/seek/attack
Go off-explode
Go into- investigate
Go through-examine
Go over- to review or analyse

Come at- to attack/ to obtain
Come across- To find or meet by chance
Come off-To happen

Bring out-reveal
Bring down-Reduce
Bring up-carry/convey

Give up-Abandon
Give out- Announce
Give in- Yield
Give away- To make a gift of
Look after- to take care of
Look up- search for/ to consider
Look forward-except or hope for
Look for-seek something
Look out- be wanted be careful
Looked down on –watch with dislike

Make shift- to understand
Make up for-to compensate for something
Make over- A transformation in appearance

Turn up- Arrive
Turn down- reject

Take in – deceive
Take down- write down
Take on- to undertake/ allow passengers
Take off- to remove something / to leave  the     ground and begin to fly
Take over-take control of
Taken aback-surprised
Take up- consider
Take it- to endure
Take after- resemble a parent or relative

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