30 common phrasal verbs, with meanings and examples
1. Bring up- Raising and caring for a child
    Example: Mrs. Asha brought up her children to be truthful

2. Call at- visit a place
    Example: The Prime Minister agreed to call at the Taj Mahal during his three days                       visit to North India.

3. Call on- visit a person
     Example: The new chief minister called on the Governor yesterday

4. Call up-recollect

5. Call off-cancel something
     Example: We will call off the trip if the weather is bad

6.Call for-demand
    Example:The occasion call for prompt action 

7.Come across- to find or meet by chance
    Example: Manu came across his friends at the theatre

8.Get through- pass
    Example:I got through the examination, but my sister failed

9.Get over- recover from/overcome

10. Go along with-cooperate

11.Go on-continue
      Example: He was asked to go on till he reached a pocket road

12. Look after- to take care of
      Example:Who will took after your house while you are away?

13. Look up- search for/ to consider
      Example:I looked up the number in the telephone directory

14.Looked down on –watch with dislike
      Example:Do not look down on your poor relatives

15. Look down upon- treat with  contempt

16.Make out- to understand
      Example:I cannot make out what the police said:

17.Make shift-A temporary substitute or device
      Example:A make shift shelter was made for the refugees

18.Put offPostpone
      Example:He has decided to put off his visit to Delhi

19. Put up- stay/raise
      Example:The government is sure to put up taxes soon

20. Put on- wear
      Example:She put on her new jacket

21.Put out-extinguish
      Example:I put out the light

22. Put forward-to make a suggestion
      Example: She put forward some useful tips

23. Put up with-tolerate
      Example: I cannot put up with his behaviour

24.Pull through: To recover from a difficulty or illness
     Example:I am sure she will pull through from this crisis

25. Set out-start a journey
       Example: Mansoor set out on his journey last Saturday

26. Take in – deceive

27.Take after- resemble a parent or relative
      Example: Sonu takes after her mother

28.Take off- to remove something / to leave the ground and begin to fly
      Example:The plane took off after repairs

29.Take down- write down
     Example:The teacher wanted the students to take down the important points

30.Take on- to undertake/ allow passengers
      Example: The bus stopped to take on passengers
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