A collective noun is used to refer to an entire group of persons, animals or things.

Examples of Collective Nouns
Example of Collective nouns
  1. An army of soldiers
  2. A regiment of soldiers
  3. A troop of children
  4. A troop of apes
  5. A swarm of flies
  6. A bunch of keys
  7. A pair of shoes
  8. A pack of cards
  9. A ring of telephones
  10. A ball of wool
  11. A batch of boys
  12. A cloud of bats
  13. A hive of bees
  14. A herd of cattle
  15. A brood of chickens
  16. A cluster of cats
  17. A cluster of stars
  18. A cluster of islands
  19. A colony of ants
  20. A colony of auks
  21. A colony of bats
  22. A colony of badgers
  23. A colony of beavers
  24. A crowd of people
  25. A flock of sheep
  26. A herd of elephants
  27. A school of dolphins
  28. A school of fish
  29. A shulk of foxes
  30. A skin of geese
  31. A mess of fish
  32. A trip of goats
  33. A parliament of owls
  34. A grove of trees
  35. A school of learned men
  36. A congress of representatives
  37. A staff of teachers
  38. A pack of hounds
  39.  A mute of hares
  40. A band of gorillas
  41. A covey of ships
  42. A battery of guns
  43. A kennels of dogs
  44.  A band of musicians
  45.  A series of events
  46.  A syllabus of studies
  47.  A bench of judges
  48.  A heap of waste
  49. A nation of people
  50. A fleet of ships
  51.  An array of hedgehogs
  52. An audience of listeners
  53. An alliance of states
  54. An assembly of representatives
  55. An array of soldiers
  56. An army of ants
  57. A bike of ants
  58. A colony of ants
  59. A swarm of ants
  60. A coffee off asses
  61. A drove of asses
  62. A herd of asses
  63. A pace of asses
  64. A colony of badgers
  65. A colony of beavers
  66. A pride of lions
  67. A herd of cows
  68. A gang of thieves
  69. A garland(bouquet) of flowers
  70. A pack of wolves
  71. A pack of dogs
  72. A troop of Kangaroos
  73. A litter of cubs
  74. A troupe of dancers
  75. A flight of insects

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