Numerous disease like mosaic, yellows, vein clearing, malformation etc. occurs in plants due to viruses. In plants transmission of viruses mainly takes place by soil, seeds, pollen grains, roots, agricultural tools, vegetative propagation, weeds and juice sucking insects etc. An agent which transmits virus is know as ‘vector’.
10 Examples of Viral diseases of Plants
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  1. Tobacco mosaic disease
  2. Tobacco necrosis
  3. Peach yellow disease
  4. Vein clearing disease
  5. Swollen shoot of cocoa
  6. Leaf roll of potato
  7.  Leaf curl of papaya
  8. Malformation in mango
  9.  Spike disease of sandalwood
  10. Bunchy top of the banana
Common symptoms of viral diseases in plants
  • Mosaics
  • Leaf rolling and curling
  • Necrosis
  • Pitting
  • Local lesions
  • Local lesions
  • Dwarfing and stunted growth.
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