Bony fishes (Osteichthyes) have long endoskeleton, their gills are covered by an operculum and have a terminal mouth.
Bony fishes and Cartilaginous fishes

  • Anguilla (Eel): Larva is Glassfish or leptocephali, catadromous. The young eel back to freshwater. It is known as elver.
  • Muraena(Spotted eel): Largest eel. At times it attacks even human beings also.
  • Salmo(Salmon) : Anadromous
  • Exocoetus (Flying fish): So-called because it glides for few metres in air by large pectoral fins.
  • Hippocampus (Sea horse): Sometimes referred to as pregnant males. Shows parental care. Dried skin used for the preparation of ornaments.
Hippocampus (Sea horse)
  • Labeo rohita (Rohu): Carnivorous when young, but become herbivorous when adult, oviparous.

  • Anabas(climbing perch): 

    Anabas(climbing perch)
Can live outside the water for several days. Unable to climb trees, birds may pick it up from land and drop on trees.
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