Example of Vestigial Organs

Vestigial organs are the useless and functionless degenerate structures which were large and functional in some other animals. They are rudimentary, relatively smaller in size and do not function.
Example of  Vestigial organs in Animals:
plica semilunaris
  • Vermiform appendix in man.
  • Coccyx in man or caudal region of the vertebral column of man.
  • Plica semilunaris (nictitating membrane) in man.
  • Pinna muscles in man.
  • Wisdom teeth in man.
  • Rudiments of hindlimbs in python and boa.
  • Pelvic girdle in whales.
  • Splint bones of horse
  • Wings of kiwi.
  • Eyes in cave animals.
  • Wingless beetles
  • Third eye in Lampreys and Sphenodon.

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