Type of Waste

1. Toxic waste causes serious problem to our health and to the environment.

Examples: dried paint, old bulbs, old batteries.

2. E-waste consists of dismantled parts of computers, electronic appliances, mobile phones, TV, floppy discs, pen drives. 

In India E-wastes are dumped into unsafe and unauthorized dumping yards where they are dismantled manually and unscientifically, causing great environmental and health risks as they contain dangerous contaminants.

Types of Waste | What are some examples of waste materials?

3. Hospital Waste or Soiled Waste:
Consists of various components containing infected human tissues or body fluids and are called bio-hazardous. The needles, surgical knives, and other surgical instruments called ‘sharps’ have to be disposed of carefully, but many a time we find this does not happen. Being pricked with infected needles can transmit diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B and C.

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