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Some common air Pollutants and their Source


Major Source

Major effects on Man




Thermal decomposition of oils, fats and glycerol.


Irritation of respiratory Tract



Fertilizer plant dye making industries, explosives

Inflammation of respiratory passage



Metal containing arsenic soldering

Damage to blood cells, kidneys

Ash soot smoke


Incinerators and manufacturing units

Emphysema, Eye irritation and cancer

Carbon monoxide


Automobile exhausts, burning of coal and gasoline.

Reduce the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood.


Hydrogen cyanides


 Blast furnace, chemical manufacturing units, metal plants.

Affect nervous system and vision, cause head ache.

Hydrogen sulphide


Chemical industries, refineries, bituminous fuels

Irritation to eye and throat and nausea.

Nitrogen oxides


Automobile exhaust, combustion of soft coal.

Pulmonary problems.

Phosgene or Carbonyl chloride


Chemical industries dye making plants

Pulmonary oedema, respiratory ailments.

Sulphur oxide


Combustion of coal, oil and S-containing fuels, Petroleum refinery, metal smelting centre, paper, ill etc.

Cause chest constriction, head ache, vomiting respiratory ailments.

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