Animal groups and their main Excretory structures/organs

1.       Protozoans- General body Suface or Plasmalemma

2.       Porifera and Cnidaria- Plasma membrane of each cell

3.       Platyhelminthes - Protonephridia or flame cells
flame cells

4.       Aschelminthes (Roundworm)- H shaped renette cell

5.       Annelids (Earthworm, Leech, Nereis)-Nephridia

6.       Arthropods-
      a)Insects, centipeds and millipedes- Malpighian tubules
Malpighian tubules

      b)Crustaceans (Prawn)- Antennary or green glands
      c) Scorpions and Spiders- Coxal glands

7.       Molluscs- Keber’s organ and Organ of Bojanus

8.       Echinodermates (Starfish)- No specialized excretory organ

9.       Hemichordates(Balanoglossus)-Proboscis gland

10.     Urochordates-Neural gland

11.     Cephalochordates- Solenocytes

12.     Vertebrates- One pair of Kidneys
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