Example of Simple Past:
1.     I met her last month.
2.     India became republic in 1950.
3.     He usually went to bed late last year.
4.     Bini always drank milk when he was a child.
5.     When the shot broke, birds flew.
6.     When the prime minister arrived, the officers stood up.
7.     I went to the public library yesterday.
8.     The Swamiji spoke very eloquently.
9.     The elephant stood on two legs.
10.   She left school last year.
11. India became independent in 1947.
12.  She always came late to the class last month.
13. When the teacher entered the class the students stood up.
14. It is high time you reached there
      15. It is high time we left the place
Example of Past Continuous
       1.     When I saw him, he was playing chess
       2.     While I was driving she was reading a novel.
Example of Past Perfect
        1. I had seen the film
         2. I had written the letter before he arrived
         3. She had loved him.
Example of Past Perfect Continuous
        1. He had been reading for hours before I reached there
        2. I had been reading for hours before he came.
        3. The boys had been playing cricket for two hours before they reached home.
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