Example of Present Perfect Tenses

1.  Have you ever been to Darjeeling?
2.  He has constantly eluded the police.
3.  I have just finished my work.
4.  I have already finished my homework.
5.  I have finished the letter.
6.  I have never met this man before.
7.  I have often gone to that theatre.
8.  I have read all the plays of Shakespeare.
9.  I have seen him before.
10. I have visited Japan and Australia.
11. I have always wanted to learn the art of painting.
12.  I haven't seen Roney for a long time.
13. Manu has always been a rebel.
14. Shahrukh has applied for leave of absence.
15. She has already paid the fee.
16. The train has already left the station.
17. There, I have done my good deed for the day.
18. We have lived in this house for several years.
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