35 Examples of Simple Present Tenses
  1.  Ali goes for a walk every morning
  2. Barking dog seldom bites
  3. Birds fly in the air
  4. College reopens on Monday
  5. Cows eat grass
  6. Elephants never eat the flesh
  7. God loves us all
  8. He always writes the test paper
  9. He gets up at 6 AM
  10. He is always busy
  11. Heat expands bodies
  12. How fiercely the wind blows!
  13. I get up at 4 AM
  14. Manu writes with his left hand
  15. Sachin usually reads newspaper in the morning
  16. She drinks tea every morning
  17. She is writing exam now
  18. She Sings a song
  19. She usually goes to school by bus
  20. Smt. Sasha comes to teach me dance every Sunday
  21. The chief minister returns next Tuesday
  22. The cow gives us milk
  23. The earth revolves around the sun
  24. The earth revolves around the sun
  25. The headquarters of the UN is at NewYork
  26. The new batch of LD Clerk Commences next Monday.
  27. The prime minister visits the USA next month.
  28. The prime minister arrives tomorrow to inaugurate the function.
  29. The sun rises in the East.
  30. The Tajmahal is on the bank of the Yamuna
  31. They sing a song
  32. There goes the dinner bell!
  33. Vinu Willams Says “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.
  34. We leave for Madras tomorrow
  35. We play tennis every day.
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