The bacteria are generally looked upon as enemies of man, for many of them are responsible for spoiling of our food and drink, and causing diseases like tuberculosis, tetanus, diphtheria and and cholera. They are of prime importance of mankind since they exert both deleterious and beneficial effects upon human life.
10 Examples of Bacterial Diseases
Example of Bacterial Diseases:
  1. Tuberculosis- Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  2. Chloera - Vibrio chloerae
  3. Anthrax- Bacillus anthracis
  4. Throat infection- Streptococcus
  5. Food poison- Salmonella, Staphlo coccus
  6.  Botulism- Clostridium botulinum
  7. Pertussis-Bordetella pertussis
  8. Plague- Yersinia pestis
  9. Rat fever- Leptospira icterohamorrhagiae
  10. Gonorrhea-Nisseria gonorrhoeae
  11. Syphilis- Treponema pallidum
  12. Leprosy-Mycobacterium leprae
  13. Tatanus -Clostridium tetani
  14. Diptheria- Corynebacterium diphtheriae
  15. Typhoid-Salmonella typhi
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