25 examples of question tag
Taq questions are questions attached to the end of a statement in order to draw attention to it or give it added force.
25 Examples of Question Tags
  1. Akhil is an intelligent boy, isn’t he?
  2. Susha and Suja are working hard, aren’t they?
  3. Few people came forward, did they?
  4. Little money was collected, was it?
  5. Barking dogs seldom bite, do they?
  6. He could hardly stand erect, could he?
  7. They rarely go to films, do they?
  8. Stand up, will you?
  9. Don’t make noise, will you?
  10. Have another cup of coffee, won’t you?
  11. Let’s sing a song, shall we?
  12. Use your common sense, can’t you?
  13. No body knows the answer, do they?
  14. None of the students studied, did they?
  15. Speak loudly, will you?
  16. All the students were listening, weren’t  they?
  17. He dare not go, dare he?
  18. He dares to go, doesn’t he?
  19. Let us go for a walk, shall we?
  20. I can help you,  can’t I?
  21. Little progress has been made, has it?
  22. None of the workmen arrived in time, did they?
  23. Please pass me the newspaper, will you?
  24. Few people knew the answer, did they?
  25. They will help us, won’t they?
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