Phylum Porifera (Sponges) includes three classes, chiefly based on the type of its skeleton. The skeleton of some sponges are utilized for many purposes such as washing, bathing, scrubbing, mopping etc.
Example of Phylum Porifera

Some of the common sponges belonging to the three classes: Calcarea, Hexactinellida and Demospongia.
1. Class Calcarea characterised by limy spicules.
Scypha porifera
Example: Leucosolenia, Scypha, Grantia.

2. Class Hexactinellida with six rayed siliceous spicules.
Euplectella venus flower basket
Example: Euplectella (Venus’s flower basket), Hyalonema (Glass
rope Sponge).

3. Class Demospongia with a skeleton formed of siliaceous spicules and sponging fibres.
Euspongia Bath sponge
Example: Euspongia (Bath sponge), Thena, Cliona, Spongilla (Fresh water sponge).
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