These are polymers in which the polymer chains are held together by weakest intermolecular forces. These forced permits the polymer to be stretched or elastomers have elastic property.

Example of elastomers: Natural and Synthetic rubber.
Natural Rubber  
Elastomers, often referred to as rubber (A variety of plants produce a sap consisting of a colloidal dispersion of cis-polyisoprene. This milky fluid is especially abundant in the rubber tree (Hevea); it drips when the bark is wounded. After collection, the latex is coagulated to obtain the solid rubber), can be a thermoplastic or a thermoset depending on the structure. They are excellent for parts requiring flexiblity, strength and durability: such as automotive and industrial seals, gaskets and molded goods, roofing and belting, aircraft and chemical processing seals, food, pharmaceutical and semiconductor seals, and wire and cable coatings.
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