Phylum Colenterata has been divided into three classes: Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa and Anthozoa.
Only polyps (Hydra) or both asexual polyps and sexual medusae present (Obelia). Portughese man of war (Physalia)

Class Hydrozoa:
Examples of Hydrozoa
  • Hydra
  • Obelia (Sea fur)
  • Physalia (Portuguese man of war)
  • Velella (Sail by wind)
Class Scyphozoa: Medusoid stage dominant. Polypoid stage reduced or absent.

Jelly fish (Aurelia)
Example of Scyphozoa
  • Aurelia (Jelly fish)
  • Periphylla
  • Rhizostoma
Class Anthozoa (Actinozoa): Only polypoid stage. Medusoid stage absent.
Examples of Anthozoa:
    Sea anemone
  • Gorgonia (Sea fan)
  • Metridium (Sea anemone)
  • Alcyonium (Dead man’s finger)
  • Fungia (Mushroom coral)
  • Pennatula (Sea pen or Sea feather)
  • Corallium (Red coral)
  • Astraea (Star coral)
  • Madrepora (Stag horn coral)
  • Tabipora (Organ pipe coral)
  • Meandrina (Brain coral)
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