Adventitious roots are modified for storage and many other functions like additional support, nutrition and respiration. They are also form tubers. They may be tuberous, fasciculated, moniliform, nodulose and  annulated.
a) Tuberous roots: they are swollen, irregularly shaped tubers which arise single from each node.
Ipomoea batatas root
Example: Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatus)
b) Fasciculated: When storage roots occur in clusters from the base of the stem they are called fasciculated roots.
Tapioca root
Example: Asparagus, Tapioca and Dahlia
c) Moniliform (Beaded roots): A moniliform root is alternatively swollen and constricted giving a beaded appearance.
Example:Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) and Portulaca. Moniliform root d) Nodulose roots: When a slender root is swollen abruptly at the apex it is said to be nodulose.
Example: Mango ginger (Curcuma amada)Nodulose root - Mango ginger
e) Annulated: When the root appears to be formed by numerous discs placed one above the other it is said to be annulated.
Annulated root -Ipecac
Example:Ipecac (Psychotria)
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