Cartilaginous fishes (Chondrichthyes) have their endoskeleton made up of cartilage. Their gills are exposed to outside.
Examples of Chondrichthyes (Cartilaginous fish) 
Sharks: Body is laterally compressed and spindle like. Inhabits open water and swim actively by lateral undulation of body.
Tiger shark
Examples: Scoliodon (Dog fish), Rhincocodon (Whale shark), and Carcharodon (White Shark)
  • Scoliodon (Dog fish): Fast swimming carnivorous fish
  • Rhincocodon (Whale shark): Second largest vertebrate. Largest fish
  • Carcharodon (White Shark): Man eater shark
Rays:  Includes skates, electric rays etc. All are bottom dwellers and sluggish, swim by flapping pectoral fins
Examples:Torpedo( Electric Ray), Trygon (Sting ray) and Latimeria
Torpedo electric ray
  • Torpedo (Electric Ray) : Carnivorous fish, have a pair of electric organ for defense and predation.
  •  Trygon (Sting ray): Whip like tail, modified into stinging organ, armed with saw edged spines or stinger with venom glands, There wounds are very painful and heal slowly.
  • Latimeria: Living fossil. Connecting link between fishes and amphibians. Living fish, resemble lung fishes in having internal  nares, lobed fins and lung or air sac.
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