Synonyms are words that are similar or have a related meaning to another word.

Example of Synonyms
Keyword: Abandon
Synonyms: Cast off, Discarded, Forsaken, Solitary
Keyword: Backbone
Synonyms: Spine, Vertebrate, Moral fiber, Spinal column
Keyword: Candy
Synonyms: Toffee, Chocolate, Bonbon, Sweetie
Keyword: Destiny
Synonyms: Fate, Fortune, Lot, Luck
Keyword: Earth
Synonyms: World, Globe, Soil, Ground, Terrain, Gravel
Keyword:  Function
Synonyms: Purpose, Role, Job, Task, Occupation
Keyword: Garbage
Synonyms: Trash, Junk, Waste, Nonsense, Trivia
Keyword: Handsome
Synonyms: Good-looking, Fine Looking, Attractive,Gorgeous
Keyword: Idea
Synonyms: thought, design, plan, scheme, suggestion, proposal
Keyword: Joyful
Synonyms: Blissful, Wonderful, Pleasurable, Fantastic
Keyword: Known
Synonyms: Recognised, Identified, Branded
Keyword: Large
Synonyms: Big, Fat, Bulky, Hefty
Keyword: Mad
Synonyms:Foolish, Crazy, Nutty, Barmy
Keyword: Nil
Synonyms: Zero, Nothing, Nix, Zilch
Keyword: Oath
Synonyms:Promise, Pledge, Vow, Cussword
Keyword: Passable
Synonyms: Drivable, Safe, Acceptable
Keyword: Quality
Synonyms: Value, Worth, Excellence, Superiority
Keyword: Rural
Synonyms: Rustic, Country
Keyword: Save
Synonyms: Put aside, Keep
Keyword: Talk
Synonyms: Chat, Speak, Converse
Keyword: Under
Synonyms: Below, Beneath, Underneath
Keyword: Vice
Synonyms: Subordinate, Secondary, Associate
Keyword: Wide
Synonyms: Ample, Board, Extensive
Keyword: Yes
Synonyms: All right, okay, agreed, of course
Keyword: Zip
Synonyms: Fast, Close, Zip up
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